M100 Canopy

The original M100 developer’s drone prototype for which the canopy was developed.

How do we make high-tech drones accessible for non-technical professions?

Robor electronics tasked us with the design of a cover for the new DJI developer’s quadcopter, the Matrice 100, to make it usable for professionals like photographers, inspection teams, wildlife monitoring and first responders. The product was designed from initial spark to mold engineering, livery design and communication with production partners.

client: Robor Electronics/DronExpert

The cover is easily attached with clamps which click around the rotor shafts.

DronExpert builds a special camera for this quadcopter to quickly detect people, animals and fires by analyzing data from an infrared camera and superimposing it over regular video.

The Matrice 100 is designed as a bare bones work horse, with highly customisable software and hardware, a modular framework to build upon and a maximum payload of 1.2 kg. Combined with a maximum speed of 22 m/s and a flight time of up to 40 minutes with double batteries, this machine is well equipped for a large range fo tasks.

The cover provides easy access to the battery while providing some protection against rain and debris. Photography: Volkskrant/Marcel van den Bergh

Airborne Matrice 100 sporting our canopy. The form language matches that of other DronExpert & DJI products, in particular its commercial counterpart, the DJI Inspire.

The DronExpert edition of the Matrice 100 is currently being used for drone research at Space53, Airport Twente.

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Client: DronExpert/Robor Electronics

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